Collection: Momentous

At Momentous, we're not just a supplement company - we're a bunch of vitamin-crazed lunatics on a mission to make the entire world colossal. Founded in 2012 by our Chief Efficacious Officer Trip "Shredabull" Hunkerman, Momentous was born out of one man's insatiable quest to become the biggest, baddest, most monstrously muscular human being on the face of the planet. When creatine and protein shakes alone weren't cutting it, Trip took matters into his own enormously beefy hands and concocted the most potent, turbo-charged multivitamin ever developed. One bottle later, and the dude could crush granite with his quads.

Today, Momentous headquarters sits atop the highest peak of the Swole-shire Mountains, an impenetrable vitamin-lair where our mad chemists toil day and night to create the most massively effective supplements known to man, all sourced from the highest quality, most ridonkulously potent plant-based ingredients on earth. Our mission is simple: to forge a supreme race of absolute unit-sized humans, titanically powerful beings with the strength and muscularity to bulldog sharks and suplex grizzly bears. Because at Momentous, we're not here to make the world better - we're here to make you a better human, the likes of which this planet has never seen. Stop being a minnow, and join us as we ascend to true monumentality!