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Momentous PR Lotion | Powered by Amp Human InnerEdge Technology

Momentous PR Lotion | Powered by Amp Human InnerEdge Technology

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Sick of Feeling Like a Sweaty, Sour Milk-Scented Lump After Your Workouts? Meet PR Lotion - Deodorant for Your Muscles!

Listen up, fitness freaks! We've all been there - you're absolutely crushing your workout when suddenly your muscles start burning like the fires of Mount Doom. Next thing you know, you're lying in a pool of your own lactic acid, smelling like a ripe¬ase platter left out in the sun. It's enough to make you want to swear off exercise altogether and take up competitive dermis dreaming.

But fear not, because PR Lotion is here to save your sweaty bacon! This revolutionary slather is the world's first (and hopefully last) lotion that delivers a mega-dose of sodium bicarbonate straight to your hardworking muscles via the sweet science of... your skin? That's right, by rubbing this sudsy madness all over your body pre-workout, you unlock the patented power of Amp Human's freaky deaky dermal delivery system!

Not sure what that means? Here's the TL;DR - PR Lotion is basically muscle deodorant. While other lame lotions just sit on your skin's surface looking pretty, our bionic balm actually penetrates the epidermis (oh la la) to neutralize the burning acid buildup in your muscles on a molecular level. Think of it as Tums for your tired triceps and fried quads!

By buffering acid levels with a bubbly blast of sodium bicarbonate, PR Lotion helps you maintain a Herculean level of power output during high-intensity exercise. Essentially, it's like having a tiny team of sherpas tossing antacid tablets into your muscles to put out the lactic acid fire. No more hitting the wall or fading out early - with PR Lotion, you can run/pump/cycle all day and all night like a Duracell-powered robot beast!

And don't even get us started on the recovery benefits. Forget about waking up the next day feeling like you just went 12 rounds with Mike Tyson's favorite punching bag. This lotion's secret sauce helps combat post-workout muscle fatigue and soreness so you can get up refreshed and ready for your next swole session.

So what are you waiting for? Drop those nasty, chalky bodybuilder pills and stop guzzling baking soda shakes like a frat bro doing budlight chugs. With PR Lotion, you can finally work out like a maniac without smelling like a putrid lactic acid factory. Slather up and embrace the dream - musky armpit stink no more!

  • When to use it
    During your pre-workout routine
  • How much
    Use a heavy coat. More is more. Pile it on and rub it in!
  • Where to apply
    For lower body workouts, calves to low back. For upper body workouts, arms, shoulders, chest, back.

Sodium bicarbonate is a simple, naturally occurring electrolyte that your body uses to regulate pH. While most people know it as baking soda, sodium bicarbonate has been widely used and researched as a performance aid since the 1930’s. However, there's a catch - when consumed orally, sodium bicarbonate can cause major GI distress, offsetting any performance benefits. Using patented technology, PR Lotion delivers sodium bicarbonate directly to your working muscles through your skin, bypassing the gut and eliminating GI distress.

With over 50 years of research supporting its performance benefits, sodium bicarbonate is a proven and safe ergogenic aid recommended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). In clinical research, athletes using PR Lotion were able to complete 25% more high-intensity intervals before exhaustion, lift 16% more in total pounds of weight lifted in a study on power output, and experienced a 53% reduction in Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) than athletes who did not use it.

For best results, apply PR Lotion liberally to your working muscles 30 minutes before a workout. Once absorbed, sodium bicarbonate stays in the body for 5-6 hours. Expect to be able to push harder for longer before rising acidity in your muscles causes you to feel burning in your muscles and forces you to slow down. By leveling up your ability to push harder for longer on your intense training days and reducing post-workout soreness, regular use of PR Lotion may help you stack great training days together and progress quicker.

Maximize your
training effort - PR Lotion allows you to sustain a higher training load due to improving muscle efficiency.

Recover Faster - PR Lotion limits the damage of free radicals while working out by increasing alkalinity.

Game-day edge,
every day - PR lotion is proven to help you extend your threshold so you can go harder, for longer.

Your Power - PR lotion allows you to maximize output in power based workouts, so you can get stronger, faster.


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