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SUCCEED Sports Nutrition

S!CAPS (Buffer/Electrolyte Capsules) SUCCEED SCAPS 100 Capsules (BUY SALTSTICK)

S!CAPS (Buffer/Electrolyte Capsules) SUCCEED SCAPS 100 Capsules (BUY SALTSTICK)

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Developed in 1995 by scientist and ultramarathoner Karl King, SUCCEED! Electrolyte Caps have become The Gold Standard for Electrolyte Replacement™.

S! Caps are 100% electrolytes. Beware of imitations that use ineffective, non-electrolyte fillers such as sugars or the carbohydrate maltodextrin.

  • Alleviation of cramping
  • Buffers to help stabilize the stomach
  • Protection against potentially fatal hyponatremia
  • Sodium and potassium in effective amounts
  • Phosphate and citrate for energy production
  • S! Caps is the ONLY electrolyte product that delivers the correct ratio of electrolytes (cations and anions)
  • Vege caps for vegetarians!

The First Aid patrol at the Western States 100 found me along the trail at 52 miles suffering from leg cramps. They were kind enough to share their Succeed S Caps (half their stash) to get me going and get me through to the finish. I recovered faster than I thought I would. I have used S Caps in all of my 100's (and ultras) since then.

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