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Pro Chamois Cream, 4 Ounce,120Ml

Pro Chamois Cream, 4 Ounce,120Ml

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  • Highly Revitalizing: Pre/ probiotics complex has the tremendous benefit of rejuvenating the skin and enhancing skin's normal flora growth whereas reducing the chances of infection. Get the most of your daily activities without a care in the world
  • High Soothing Effect : Considered highly effective in mitigating the itchiness , prickliness and discomfort caused by the saddle sores. This not only prevents the chaffing leading to saddle sores but also attends to the existing saddle sore
  • Wound-healing: Strengthens and improves natural biological healing process thus soothing the irritated skin areas and speeding up the recovery of damaged skin. It's a best healing cream to fast track your biological defense mechanism in every way
  • Quick Moisture Absorbing: It's capacity to absorb moisture is highly beneficial as the moisture absorbing polymers are actively looking out for extra moisture, keeping the delicacy of the skin intact against many different chemical agents
  • Popular among the Masses: The DZ Nuts Men’s Pro Chamois Cream is trusted for its organic origins, paraben free natural cream. Athletes love to have a good care for their Skin that can last long and make them feel rewarded after having a strenuous exercise

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