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Power Fuel with Caffeine | Cluster Dextrin Carbohydrate Mix | Rapid Fuel for Endurance Athletes | NO GI Distress | Neutral Flavor |16 Servings

Power Fuel with Caffeine | Cluster Dextrin Carbohydrate Mix | Rapid Fuel for Endurance Athletes | NO GI Distress | Neutral Flavor |16 Servings

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  • LIQUID FUEL | Cluster Dextrin, sodium and fructose blend into a neutral-flavored mix that delivers customized carbohydrates for any workout. Unlike maltodextrin and other carbohydrates, Cluster Dextrin is digested quickly to enable fast access to carbohydrates without upsetting your stomach.
  • CUSTOMIZED FUELING | Tailor your nutrition strategy to your effort. Longer, more intense workouts may call for higher carb intake—just add more Power Fuel.
  • NO MORE GI DISTRESS | Stomach issues caused by bars, chews, or gels can ruin a race, a training workout, or even a casual workout with friends. Power Fuel is designed to be easy on the gut so you’re free to focus on the trail or road in front of you, not your stomach.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS | Osmo uses the best quality natural ingredients to deliver the best performing sports nutrition. Power Fuel is a neutral flavor and can be added to other Osmo products such as Active Hydration and Rapid Recovery.
  • HOW TO | Mix with Osmo Active Hydration before or during your workout with recommended servings for optimal fueling and hydration. Mix with Osmo Rapid Recovery post-workout for muscle repair and glycogen replenishment. Mix with plain water for simple carb intake as needed.

Product Description

Osmo Power Fuel

High-carbohydrate endurance fuel mix for athletes

Osmo Power Fuel is a quick-digesting carbohydrate liquid fuel for when you need to pack more punch in your bottle. With three simple ingredients (cluster dextrin, sodium and fructose), Osmo Power Fuel will give you consistent energy without causing gastrointestinal issues or dehydration. Now, easy digestibility meets peak performance with Osmo Power Fuel.

Customize your fueling plan

Osmo Power Fuel comes in a caffeine and a non-caffeine version, and can be mixed with water or an electrolyte beverage such as Osmo Active Hydration, or for post-exercise recovery and glycogen replenishment with Rapid Recovery.

  • Quick carb-intake without GI issues
  • Customizable fueling depending on activity duration and intensity
  • Convenient fueling during racing and training without wrappers
  • Hydrate and fuel when mixed with Osmo Active Hydration
  • Recover faster and restore glycogen when mixed with Osmo Rapid Recovery
  • Neutral flavor
  • Vegan

What Osmo Athletes say about Power Fuel

Cam Piper, Pro Cyclist

"Osmo Power Fuel has given me the ability to not only take in the important carbs for long, intense days on the bike, but also to adjust the osmolality with Active Hydration if it’s warmer out or you want a little extra flavor - all without any stomach issues. Better yet, if you like the extra boost from caffeine, Osmo Power Fuel with caffeine Is as neutral as it gets, with virtually the same flavor as without - this stuff is basically super water!"

Clayton Hutchins, Pro Triathlete

"This product has been a game changer to my fueling process. I’m able to take in more carbs during training than I’ve ever before and without GI distress.

Carbs are king when it comes to fueling."

Blake Wageman, Ultra Runner

"I’ve used Power Fuel on at least 10 runs so far, all of varying distances and effort levels, from workouts to 20 miles on the trails. I’ve had ZERO stomach issues, which is always the top concern when switching up the nutrition routine. You mix it right in with your Osmo electrolytes and I love knowing I’m sipping on sodium and calories at the same time."

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