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Nutrition Active Hydration Mix | During-Exercise Electrolyte Powdered Drink | Fastest Way to Rehydrate | Improves Power Output & Endurance | All Natural Ingredients

Nutrition Active Hydration Mix | During-Exercise Electrolyte Powdered Drink | Fastest Way to Rehydrate | Improves Power Output & Endurance | All Natural Ingredients

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  • INCREASE POWER | As body-water drops, so does power. By the time you start to feel thirsty you’re already about 2% below optimal body-water. That can result in 11% reduction in power. Hydrate with Osmo Active to maximize & maintain power.
  • IMPROVE ENDURANCE | Osmo Active Hydration is optimized to work with your fluid intake system to help delay fatigue, maximize cardiovascular efficiency while reducing cramping and avoiding GI distress.
  • HYDRATE FAST | When you sweat, you lose body water. Osmo Active Hydration was developed to be the fastest way to replace body-water lost during exercise with 3x the hydrating power of water alone.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS | Lemon Lime Active Hydration is made with real fruit and has a delicious, refreshing taste that you can drink all day. Made with a perfect ratio of non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free ingredients.
  • HOW TO | Mix with water and drink throughout your workout to maintain healthy hydration levels. We recommend starting with 20 ounces of Active Hydration per hour of exercise. Increase amount in hot conditions and intense efforts.

Product Description

A Rehydration Solution for Active People

How it works

The Active formula contains the optimal ratio of sucrose, glucose, and electrolytes to replace body water and power you through your workout. Flavored with real fruit and natural ingredients, Active quickly gives you the hydration you need, improving endurance and power while reducing cramping and fatigue.


Mix Active with your during-workout water and drink throughout your exercise. Everybody is different, so we recommend starting with 20 oz. of Active Hydration per hour of exercise. When you work out, see how you feel and adjust accordingly.


  • Replaces lost body water with an optimal ratio of sucrose, glucose, and electrolytes
  • Improves circulation and muscle respiration
  • Reduces cramps
  • Delays fatigue
  • Boosts endurance and power

What is the difference between Osmo Active Hydration and other hydration mixes on the market?

Osmo Active is more effective than other sports drinks because it is developed based on leading, established, and published scientific research to maximize fluid absorption in the body. Unlike other sports drinks, Osmo is made with natural, organic ingredients. Most sports drinks are made to be calorie-heavy, but this slows the rate of hydration. Instead, Osmo Active is optimized for hydration with sucrose, glucose, and sodium working to maximize your body’s fluid absorption. Our lower carbohydrate percentage, at 3.5% compared to the average 6-8%, ensures that you don’t get residual “slosh” in your stomach from delayed gastric emptying. Our goal is to educate athletes about “food in the pocket, hydration in the bottle.”

How is Osmo Active Hydration mixed with Power Fuel?

Staying hydrated is AS important as staying fueled during any effort, and we made sure to test the combination of Power Fuel and Active Hydration to ensure that electrolytes will still be delivered just as quickly into the body. We envisioned Power Fuel as a stackable component of our endurance nutrition lineup, easy to customize to your unique fueling needs.

Why is sugar important in Osmo Active Hydration?

When paired together, glucose and sodium are outstanding fluid co-transporters. They act like a big water truck that helps carry fluid across your intestinal cells and into the water spaces of the body. When combined in the right ratios, these two molecules activate an additional hydration pathway called the sodium-glucose co-transport.

The combination of glucose and sodium will help carry significantly more water into the bloodstream than plain water alone.

Flavored with all-natural organic fruit

Osmo Active Hydration hydrates you 2-3 times faster than water alone. Our precise ratio of ingredients are designed to replace the water and electrolytes you lose when you sweat.

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