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Lactigo - Powerful Carnosine and Magnesium Formula

Lactigo - Powerful Carnosine and Magnesium Topical

Lactigo - Powerful Carnosine and Magnesium Topical

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Experience the power of LactiGo, a revolutionary performance gel that is receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from our athletes. This unique formula, made with carnosine and magnesium, provides instant cooling relief and reduces fatigue and soreness, allowing you to reach new heights in your performance. Unlike sodium bicarb lotions, LactiGo is non-greasy and quickly absorbs into the skin, without any messy residue. Use it before or after your workout for peak performance and faster recovery. Discover the ultimate solution for your athletic needs with LactiGo. This game-changing gel, featuring a special blend of carnosine and magnesium, delivers a refreshing cooling sensation and effectively counteracts fatigue and soreness, unlocking your full potential for success. Not only is LactiGo clean and easy to use, it's also non-greasy and absorbs quickly, leaving no residue. Maximize your performance before and after your workouts with LactiGo for unbeatable results.



  • Easy to apply
  • Non-greasy
  • Has an obvious cooling action
  • Most athletes notice at least a slight difference in power output and recovery time. Some noticed a significant difference
  • Has been clinically tested in a double-blind study with significant results
  • Many high-level coaches use it to increase the performance of their team
  • Endorsed and supported by an impressive line up of pro athletes
  • Nothing to ingest, so no risk of stomach upset
  • Convenient push top applicator


  • Strong menthol smell (not everyone sees this as a con, but some athletes aren't a fan)
  • The tingly, cooling sensation from the menthol can be a con if you're sensitive to that sort of thing

  • Recover faster during and after athletic activity
  • Have less pain so that you can go faster, further, and maybe even break some records
  • Prevent muscle fatigue so that your athletic performance is not limited and you can crush it again tomorrow
  • All this, with an easy-to-apply gel that isn't sticky or greasy. You can apply it directly to the muscle groups you need to for targeted result.

Product Features:

  • Includes carnosine, which plays a key role in athletic performance and recovery
  • Prevents muscle fatigue
  • Topical application, nothing to ingest
  • Informed-sport certified
  • Menthol formulation relieves muscle pain during, and after exercise, limiting your need for downtime.

Discover the Science: Independent, Peer-Reviewed Study Shows Remarkable Results for LactiGo Topical Gel. Elite Male Soccer Players Experienced Significant Boosts in Aerobic and Anaerobic Performance After Just One Application.

Key Findings:

  1. 5.41% 4.80% improvement in the Yo-Yo test
  2. Time to complete the all-out 1000m running tests improved by 4.13% 0.68%
  3. Proven to increase performance in athletes by up to 15% after only one application


How does LactiGo compare to topical lotions containing sodium bicarbonate?

Lactigo, unlike other topical lotions, does not contain sodium bicarbonate. Instead, its formula includes menthol, carnosine, and magnesium, all proven to enhance performance and recovery. The clear gel dries quickly and leaves no sticky residue, making it a convenient and efficient option. If you've used sodium bicarbonate lotions before, we urge you to compare them to Lactigo and witness the amazing results.

What is the consistency of LactiGo?

LactiGo is a clear gel that rubs smoothly on to the skin. It quickly dries and does not leave a sticky residue

What is the smell of LactiGo?

LactiGo has the slight smell of menthol, so it is similar to a peppermint scent.

Ive heard its a huge performance benefit. Is it legal?

LactiGo has been Certified to meet the requirements and standards of Informed Sport.
Active Ingredients: Menthol 1.25%.

What ingredients are in LactiGo?

Inactive Ingredients: Ethoxdiglycol, Glycerine, L-Carnosine, Magnesium Sulphate, Phenoxyethanol, Water, Xanthan Gum.

How much LactiGo should I use per workout session?

Maximize your performance potential with LactiGo. Depending on the size of the athlete and the type of exercise, you may only need to apply LactiGo to specific areas of your body for optimal results. Just like sunscreen, a nice coating is all you need for targeted areas. For instance, cyclists may benefit from 5 pumps per leg to ensure complete coverage and maximum absorption.

When is the best time to use LactiGo?

Most athletes like to apply LactiGo, topically, at least 45 minutes before their activity; although, some people experience its benefits within minutes. It is also recommended to apply LactiGo after your post-activity shower.

Final Thoughts:



Discover the amazing benefits of LactiGo, with its proven effectiveness backed by high-quality studies and praised by coaches and elite athletes. While no supplement can replace hard work, LactiGo offers a unique topical solution that can provide a comforting relief from muscle burn and boost performance. Experience the positive effects like thousands of other athletes, and give LactiGo a try today. With targeted muscle recovery and pain relief, feel the difference and unlock your full potential with LactiGo gel!


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