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Gatorade Water Bottle Carrier For 6 32oz Bottles

Gatorade Water Bottle Carrier For 6 32oz Bottles

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How you carry your equipment is essential. This carrier is compatible with all Gatorade 32oz bottles. Its easy-access design keeps bottles secure and ready to go. Hey sports fan! Don't let your gear hold you back - with our Gatorade Water Bottle Carrier, you can easily transport up to 6 32oz bottles without breaking a sweat. The convenience of our easy-access design ensures that your bottles stay secure and ready for action, so you can stay focused on what matters - rehydrating like a pro!

  • Gatorades classic carrier, that’s “used by the pros” and an essential part of every equipment arsenal. Compatible with all 30-32oz. Gatorade bottles.
  • Team Ready – Gatorade’s classic carrier holds 6 squeeze bottles making it perfect for your team
  • Easy to Use – Easy-access design keeps bottles secure and ready-to-go
  • Built to Last – Rugged plastic frame is lightweight and built to last
  • Easy to Transport – Durable handle for portability
  • Compatible Design – Designed to fit Gatorade's 32oz and 30oz squeeze bottles
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