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First Endurance EFS-PRO DRINK Premium Endurance Sports Hydration Drink Mix

First Endurance EFS-PRO DRINK Premium Endurance Sports Hydration Drink Mix

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EFS drinks provide everything you need to maximize endurance and performance during exercise so you can train and race knowing you don’t have to worry about cramping or dehydration.

✓ Professional Strength Endurance & Hydration Drink
✓ Maximizes Performance & Delays Fatigue in Extreme Conditions
✓ Delivers 1400mg of Essential Electrolytes to Prevent Cramping



EFS-PRO delivers higher levels of calories, electrolytes, and other essential nutrients than other drinks without causing GI distress, even in the most extreme conditions. It’s also designed to taste like flavored water so multiple bottles can be consumed easily without the dreaded ‘sweetness fatigue.’ This means EFS-PRO can be mixed at stronger concentrations than other drinks and still be absorbed quickly and easily.

EFS-PRO utilizes a proprietary “Optimal Absorption Technology” to shuttle water, electrolytes and other essential nutrients through the digestive system more efficiently than ever before, so you don’t have to worry about all the negative symptoms of GI distress. It’s under these extreme racing conditions that it’s critical to have a drink mix that can deliver essential calories, electrolytes, and fluid to working muscles.


EFS-PRO delivers a proprietary blend of carbohydrate sources that each offer unique benefits for endurance athletes. These sources work synergistically to achieve optimal performance through varying channels of absorption. The primary carbohydrate used in EFS-PRO is an amylopectin multi-branched cyclic dextrin that’s 100% soluble in water. It’s a high- glycemic carbohydrate that has little effect on insulin and does not inhibit fat oxidation.

This means athletes are able to sustain hard efforts through the increased use of fats, which allows them to spare essential glycogen. At 150 mOsm, cyclic dextrin is the low- est-osmolality carbohydrate source available and has been clinically proven to have the fastest gastric emptying time of any carbohydrate. This low-osmolality and superior gastric emptying mean athletes can be assured that what they drink goes directly to working muscles immediately. As a result, EFS-PRO can be mixed at stronger concentrations and still be absorbed properly.



Sodium citrate is absorbed and metabolized into sodium bicarbonate which creates an alkaline solution that reduces stomach acidity and improves absorption. Alkalizing agents have also been shown to improve performance in high-intensity exercise. Sodium citrate has been clinically shown to have the best absorption rates among vari- ous sodium sources. A clinical study done on Sodium Citrate showed that when it was consumed prior to high-intensity exercise it reduced blood pH and oxygen debt in healthy males exercising on a cycle ergometer.


EFS-PRO contains L-Alanyl L-Glutamine because it’s clinically proven to significantly improve absorption of water and electrolytes in athletes under exercise stress and mild dehydration and improve endurance performance.

This special dipeptide amino acid is a highly-soluble, water-stable source of glutamine that has a number of unique benefits for endurance athletes. Like L-Glutamine, this dipeptide plays a role in the supply of energy, promotes protein synthesis, heals wounds, pro- motes a healthy intestinal tract and also stimulates immune function.

The alanine component of L-Alanyl L-Glutamine helps stimulate gluconeogenesis (the generation of glucose through non-carbohydrate sources). Clinical studies on L-Alanyl L-Glutamine have shown it improves plasma glutamine by 26% over standard L-glutamine.

In a study done in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, L-Alanyl L-Glutamine and water were administered to college students with induced dehydration of -2.5% while a second group used only water. The group using L-Alanyl L-Glutamine showed a dramatic improvement in their hydration and serum sodium levels. This group also significantly improved their performance in a treadmill exercise.

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