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Altutude Boost Altitude Boost – High Altitude Training in a Bottle 30 Day Supply

Altutude Boost Altitude Boost – High Altitude Training in a Bottle 30 Day Supply

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MIMICS THE EFFECTS OF HIGH ALTITUDE TRAINING: Altitude Boost tablets include natural compounds that mimic the effects of high altitude training. Altitude Boost stimulates red blood cell production for more efficient oxygen use. It also expands lung capacity and provides enhanced oxygen uptake and delivery for increased speed, strength and endurance.

Altitude Boost mimics the effects of high altitude training, improving endurance, stamina, speed, power and performance by increasing lung capacity and oxygen efficiency.

  • Boosts energy and stamina*
  • Expands lung capacity*
  • Enhances mental performance*
  • Delays muscle fatigue*
  • Improves training load and recovery*
  • Beats high altitude training*
  • Safe, effective and legal.

ELEVATION TRAINING BENEFITS IN YOUR HOME: Altitude Boost is a powerful alternative that allows you to reap the benefits of high altitude training in your home - by taking a tablet supplement. You no longer have to pay for expensive trips to train at high-altitude.

No more oxygen deprivation from uncomfortable elevation masks or altitude simulation tents. This breakthrough gives you a competitive edge that’s unprecedented in sports competition.

PROVEN TO WORK: Altitude Boost was developed by a team of biomedical engineers from the University of California. Controlled clinical studies have shown that the active ingredients in Altitude Boost increased circulating EPO levels and dramatically improved athletic performance. Altitude Boost has received endorsements from renowned endurance athletes.

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