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Assos Switzerland

Assos Skin Repair Gel 75ml | Natural Body Moisturizer for Normal Skin, 2.55 Fl oz

Assos Skin Repair Gel 75ml | Natural Body Moisturizer for Normal Skin, 2.55 Fl oz

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Assos of Switzerland make some of the best biking bibs, shorts and chamois in the business so it only makes sense that their creams both before and after are up scratch too. I use both, and the repair gel is excellent as an after ride topical solution to the chaffing, sores and burns you can get from many miles in the saddle.

Assos of Switzerland sees the skin repair gel as treating irritated, inflamed skin and swollen genital area post ride. They believe the gel is anti-inflammatory, will speed the healing of skin, will keep the skin hydrated, keep it's "turgidity, plasticity, and viscosity," and will lubricate the skin on top of all that. Don’t let hard days take it out of your skin. Soothe discomfort and repair damage caused by friction against the saddle. Formulated with natural ingredients,

ASSOS Skin Repair Gel has an anti-irritant, skin normalizing action which aids the tissue repair process. With no colorants, perfume or preservatives, it’s suitable for men and women and all skin types. Feel the relief after a hard ride with a fast-acting, natural solution for chaffed skin and irritated areas. From damaged tissue to hydrated skin, it's got your posterior covered. Restore your skin's turgidity, plasticity, and viscosity - this gel is like a therapeutic hug for your saddle-weary skin.




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