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ASSOS Chamois Cream | Anti-Chafe Cycling Cream | New 200ml Jar

ASSOS Chamois Cream | Anti-Chafe Cycling Cream | New 200ml Jar

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ASSOS Chamois Cream, NEW Look and NEW 200ml size. ASSOS’ legendary chamois crème is a pre-ride necessity that reduces friction-caused irritation, rehydrates and replenishes the skin, and minimizes the risk of saddle sores.

Chafing and saddle sores are common problems for professional and amateur cyclists alike, so we specifically engineered a lubricating cream that relieves both issues. Moisturizing with a slight cooling sensation, ASSOS Chamois Crème is the perfect viscosity to reduce friction, endure your longest rides, and thoroughly wash out without damaging or staining your chamois. We’ve perfected the formula over decades to become the industry benchmark for this staple of the cyclist’s toolkit.

  • All new 200ml volume
  • Lubricating cream for all cycling chamois
  • Reduces friction while moisturizing and providing a slight cooling sensation
  • Antibacterial properties to help you ride more comfortably, longer
  • Assos Chamois Cream is the benchmark in anti-chafe body care for cyclists

Assos back cream makes long rides more pleasant and comfortable. Reduces friction and prevents bacterial and fungal infections of the skin. Apply directly to the contact area of the back or directly to the skin. In order to optimize the results, we recommend using the Assos bottom cream. This product reduces skin friction in contact with the back and saddle, prevents inflammation and protects sensitive skin. Applies directly on the skin, a thin layer before the activity. In addition, it is recommended to apply a small amount directly on the bottom, after each wash, to maintain elasticity, softness and antibacterial properties.

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