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SportLegs Stops Muscle Burn | SportsLeg Premium Supplement 120 Capsules

SportLegs Stops Muscle Burn | SportsLeg Premium Supplement 120 Capsules

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SportsLegs Stops Muscle Burn capsules are the ideal accompaniment to an active lifestyle. Formulated to contain lactate, the same fuel your body produces when pushing its limits, this supplement grants you an extra boost pre-workout, allowing you to reach the peak of your athletic performance in just half an hour. Whether you seek to ride faster or climb higher, SportsLegs Stops Muscle Burn will aide you in achieving your goals with flair. Get ready to break boundaries with the premium capsules.

  • MEDIA REVIEWS. Bicycling magazine: “Staff favorite SportLegs really works. You just don’t get sore. It’s a clever way to raise your Lactate Threshold burn point and boost performance.” USA Today: “SportLegs helps regulate lactic acid production, so your muscles produce only as much as they need to perform their very best.” SKI magazine: “You can push yourself harder, longer, remarkably free of pain.” The Denver Post: “SportLegs actually delivers to keep you hiking, pedaling, and skiing longer.”
  • SAFE, HEALTHY PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS. SportLegs uses only premium European natural-source lactates fermented from sugar beets, plus balanced calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D to speed absorption, in vegetarian capsules. No sodium, dairy, GMOs, soy, or gluten. SportLegs’ ingredients are all FDA Recognized as Safe, and ISO tested to pass even California’s ultra-strict Proposition 65 standards.
  • LEGAL. SportLegs’ ingredients are all legal for WADA, UCI, USADA, and NCAA competitions. SportLegs has been used legally to compete and even win in Olympic, UCI, and NCAA competitions since 2002.
  • WORKS FAST. SportLegs primes muscles to work more efficiently in just half an hour. You’ll feel your muscles perform with less complaint, just like you trained for an extra month.
  • CHEAP TO USE. Other sports supplements need to be taken daily for weeks or months before you feel a difference. That can be expensive. Not SportLegs! You only take SportLegs before and during sports. One 120-capsule bottle can last you a whole season.
  • "It's a good day in a bottle" - Bicycling Magazine, September 2005
  • "SportLegs ... delivers on its promise to reduce fatigue in leg muscles and keep you pushing, pedaling and schussing longer ." - Denver Post, December 10, 2005
  • Taken one hour before exercise, SportsLegs "inoculates" your muscles against lactate acid pain but keeps you alert to early signs of injury
  • As you begin, SportLegs' lactates have alerted muscles they don't need to produce so much lactic acid. Muscle are prepared to perform
  • Hours, even days later, you're way less sore. You can enjoy sports or exercise day after day

Go faster, stronger, and longer without the pain of burning muscles. This unique supplement uses calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D to increase VO2 max, anaerobic threshold, and time to exhaustion. Taken an hour before exercise, these natural forms preload your bloodstream with lactate to raise your threshold and boost performance, so your muscles function at their very best. Take after strenuous exercise to eliminate soreness and quicken recovery. Healthy and legal for international competition. Note: The bottle contains 50 doses.

This product ships to all international locations including Germany, South Africa, and Brazil.

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