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Acid Zapper Review

Review "Lactic Acid, Its Fuel" and "Burn Baby Burn" Articles

Just Updated!  2009 Acid Zapper Reviewed by Endurance Cyclist

Gina Kolata's May 16, 2006 New York Times article "Lactic Acid Is Not Muscles' Foe, It's Fuel", gives some very valid and important insights into athletic performance and exercise metabolism.  Dr. George Brooks proved after developing a much more complex metabolic model that lactic acid is an energy source for the muscles (as well as the kidney, heart and brain as was previously known).  Prior to Dr Brooks study lactic acid had been identified as the "limiting factor" in intense muscle contraction causing the "burn" experienced when pushing the limits of conditioning. But, lactic acid is not the problem; it is a "marker" for acid generation in the active muscle.  For every molecule of lactic acid formed during exercise, excess hydrogen ions (protons) are created thereby increasing the acidity within the muscle cell.  If these protons are not addressed, the pH in the muscle region is decreased to the point that it creates a "burn" and slows down energy metabolism in working muscles.

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 Acid Zapper helps buffer the acid so that you can go further before that pain is an issue.  It is analogous to complex carbohydrate loading (i.e.; pasta, rice, beans, or lentils) about 3 to 4 hours before the race to give you stored fuel in the form of muscle and liver glycogen.  With the Alka-Plex based Acid Zapper, you can accumulate the buffering over days, not hours, and have alkaline compounds available when the sport induced acid load occurs.   Research shows that people eating Western diets and under stress are operating at the lower end of the acceptable pH range. 
Lactate levels measured during a pilot study by Dr Emily Cooper at Seattle Performance Medicine were reduced after utilizing our product.  During a ride to exhaustion at the anaerobic threshold, the average lactate level was 8.2 mMol/l before taking our supplement; 5.6 mMol/l, after.  Thus, the use of Acid Zapper gave a 32% reduction in blood lactate levels indicating the body was better processing the lactate fuel during intense exercise.  In addition, the average time to exhaustion was increased by 52%.  Increasing the time to exhaustion by 52% was the big payoff and the test subjects reported that muscle burn was not an issue. 

Ed Eyestone's article "Burn baby Burn, Learn to Train at Your Lactate Threshold, and You'll Race Faster," on  has good routines for exercise induced elevation of the anaerobic threshold.  Muscular fitness can be improved rapidly by doing workouts at the threshold for longer and longer times.  He cites that "When your lactic threshold exceeds your body's ability to deal with it, you're in trouble: blood lactate dramatically increases, energy production and muscle contraction decreases, fatigue ensues, and performance drops."  As you train, you process the acid and fuel more efficiently and improve in performance. 

We believe that Acid Zapper reduces the lactate levels by neutralizing the excess proton production thus allowing the lactate to be used as fuel to significantly improve time to exhaustion.  Using Acid Zapper with Mr. Eyestone's routines should accelerate improvement and greatly reduce the "burn".

A.  Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) Status:  January 25, 2003

The composition is made from ingredients the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies as Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) and the FDA has written two letters confirming that fact.

B.  Long Term Use:

Alka-Plex is the active agent in Acid Zapper products.  There has been over 10 years use of Alka-Plex in food and neutraceutical products with no serious side effects noted.  A few people did experience bloating especially if the tablet was taken with a heavy meal.  This issue did not occur with granule usage.  In a two year study of 15 daily users, one person dropped out very early due to a self-perceived gastro intestinal issue.

C.  Cytotoxicity:  June 14, 2004

Cytotoxicty Test Results for Alka-Plex Granules with Cultured Mouse Fiberblast Cells

The test article, Alka Plex Granules (Tamer Labs, Seattle, WA) "is considered non-toxic under the test conditions employed."

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the ability of the test article to elicit a cytotoxic response in cultured mouse fibroblast cells. This assay employed L-929 cells. Hence, the reason the test is technically called the "MEM Endpoint Dilution Using L-929 Mouse Fibroblast Cells" assay.

Alex Schauss, PhD, FACN
President and CEO
AIBMR Life Sciences, Inc.
4117 S. Meridian
Puyallup, WA 98373

D.  Oral Toxicity:  June 22, 2005

Acute Oral Toxicity of a Nutraceutical  (a.k.a. Alka-Plex Granules) 
in Male and Female Sprague-Dawley Rats                      
Final Report 

Janice Schindler-Horvat, B.S. (Study Director) 
Toufan Parman, Ph.D. (Toxicologist)

Testing Facility:
    SRI International
    BioSciences Division
    333 Ravenswood Avenue
    Menlo Park, CA 94025

SRI Study No.: M384-05
SRI Project No.: P16598

Experimental Work Performed:
    Start June 8, 2005
    Finish June 22, 2005


The objective of this study was to determine the maximum tolerated dose of a nutraceutical (Alka-Plex Granules) in male and female Sprague-Dawley rats after a single oral dose administration. Clinical observations were recorded 2-5 hours post dose and once daily thereafter.  Individual animal body weights were measured for each treatment group on Day 1 prior to dosing, Day 8 and Day 15 prior to necropsy of the animals. Gross necropsy was performed on all animals on Day 15.

All animals survived until the end of the study and had no adverse clinical signs or effects on body weight at any time during the study. Necropsy of all animals at the end of the study (Day 15) revealed gross pathologic findings in four females in the 2 g/kg treatment group which were considered unrelated to treatment with the test article. No grossly observable abnormalities occurred in any of the other animals in the study, including those in the highest dose group (5 g/Kg). In conclusion, the No Observable Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) of Neutraceutical (Alka-Plex Granules) administered in a single oral dose was 5 g/Kg, based on the parameters evaluated, and the maximum tolerated single oral dose is greater than 5 g/Kg.

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